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County board hears report on Courthouse security

During the meetings with department heads, Sheriff Brian Marks and Emergency Preparedness director Eric Voss discussed Courthouse security with the Cloud County board of commissioners on Monday
The security proposal includes closing all entrances to the building to the public to except the west door, installing a lift and lockers in the foyer, moving the equipment from the second floor to the foyer for scanning and monitors for camera view and two extra personnel.
The cost for the extra personnel would be $23 per hour using a security company.
Employees would have access using all key pad entries. All entries would be given a number to assist emergency personnel.
Other department head reports presented to the board include:
Henry Eilert, Maintenance manager – Foundation work was completed last week, concerned that the problem may get pushed down the wall since the entire side was not opened up, but there is currently no problem.
Brandi Bray, Health Department administrator – Flu clinics have begun. October 16 the Health Department will host Chamber Coffee with shots available from 8-10 a.m. October 18 the Health Fair will be at Broadway Plaza form 4:30-6:30 p.m. October 20 there will be Health Fair blood draws at Cloud County Health Center form 6:30-10:00 a.m. The department is fully staffed with Katie Brooks filling the Family Planning Nurse position and Stacey VandenBroeder as the Home Health Nurse.
Barry Porter, County Appraiser – Getting in the field for final reviews. Commissioner Bill Czpanskiy asked if the hospital paid or received taxes. They do not pay taxes and do not have a levy to receive tax dollars.
Andy Asch, Highway Department administrator – Due to the weather and equipment problems, sealing on Union Road continues. There is an open position in the department. Individuals can apply at the Highway Department.
Dawn Snyder, assistant director JJA/Community Corrections – At the end of the first quarter of the fiscal year. Working on policy and procedures for the state.
Jerry Collins, IT – October is Security Awareness Month, and employees should be aware of emails that are unusual and should not answer hacking emails or save important information in emails.
Brett Melton, River Valley Livestock agent – Working on annual reporting and 4-H enrollment is now open.
Shella Thoman, County Clerk – Residents can register to vote through the end of the day on October 16. Advance voting begins at the Courthouse on October 17 and will continue through noon on November 5. Any resident can advance vote during business hours. Working on getting levies set.
During the meeting, 10 members of the Cloud County 4-H Ambassador Team along with Denise Swenson, 4-H advisor; Melissa Williamson, K-State Research and Extension Office professional; and Shea McMillan, 4-H Ambassador advisor, met with the board.
The board proclaimed October 7-13 as National 4-H Week throughout all of Cloud County.
Asch reported to the board that truck bids will be opened on October 22 at 9:30 a.m. Asch also reported that the total, after deductions, for the work on Union Road will be approximately $1,075 and that he wold like to work on the Ames/Miltonvale road next.
Ashley Hutchinson, CloudCorp executive director, reviewed the November 2015 agreement for the sale of the former ALCO building to the board.
Hutchinson said that CloudCorp's position is that the terms of the agreement have been met to date and the Cloud County Coop has increased the value of the building, and continues to do so.
Mike Hake, Solid Waste director, reported that the department was renting a truck to get by at the Transfer Station while the county truck is being repaired.
Hake also informed the board that the Recycling Center has an open part-time position; discussed selling white paper to Secure Shred of NCK and presented an estimate of the cost of the Recycling Center including the savings from the trucking and landfill charges of what was recycled and an award of Wind Farm funds in 2017. The cost estimated to operate the Recycling Center is $5,219.44. It employs two full-time ad two part-time employees.
Thoman reported to the board that in 2016 in lieu of the annual holiday dinner for employees that $910 was donated to the Cloud County Resource Center. In 2017, the employees donated 3,907 food items and $437 and currently in 2018, 2,945 items and $451 in cash have been donated.
The board acknowledged the resignation of Douglas Olson.
Sales tax received September 21, 2018 totaled $67,115.71 compared to the prior year of $57,133.16.
The board reviewed the Composition of Cash Balances and Investments report and the Fund Status report as of September 30, 2018 totaling $9,204,233.06.
Payroll deductions and benefits totaling $59,760.41 were approved.
The board approved the following payroll expenses totaling $147,598.89:
General fund, $79,988.66; Appraisal, $4,915.48; noxious weed, $511.54; Solid Waste, $4,366.77; Road & Bridge, $42,309.43; County Health, $14,162.44; election, $1,344.57.


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