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County interviews three for Preparedness position

The Cloud County board of commissioners interviewed three applicants for the full-time Emergency Preparedness director position during its regular meeting on Tuesday.
The commission voted 2-1 in June to change the Emergency Preparedness director position from part-time to full-time.
Also during the meeting, the board met in executive session for 20 minutes for attorney/client privilege to discuss the Law Enforcement Center.
Included in the executive session were County Attorney Rob Walsh, Charles Johnson with the Public Building Commission and Wyatt Hoch, Foulston Siefke, LLP by conference call.
The board discussed the Emergency Management Performance Grant with Eric Voss, Emergency Preparedness director and then met in executive session for five minutes with Voss to discuss non-elected personnel.
Brandi Bray, Health Department administrator, and Todd Stupka, Eco Solutions Inc. to discuss recent air testing at the Health Department and the procedures for the next step.
Solid Waste director Mike Hake met with the board and discussed recent billing issues and reported that the cost of cardboard is significantly low.
Hake reported that the cardboard prices could go back up, but it was unlikely to be anytime soon. He said they would try to make room to store everything they currently have and would collect over the next year.
The board agreed that selling at the low prices would be fine.
Lyle Pounds discussed the possibility of moving the cannon from the Courthouse grounds to the Cloud County Historical Museum.
Pounds said he was willing to look into the cost of having a cart built to move the cannon and assuring that the flooring at the museum was adequate.
The board approved a classification change for Tyler Stupka from part-time corrections officer to full-time corrections officer and a rate change from $12.50 to $14.62 effective August 18.
A request for capital outlay funds from the IT Department totaling $3,454.32 to purchase two HP Mini's Windows 10 systems and five Viewsonic monitors was approved by the board.
It was reported to the board that sales tax collections in August totaled $65,282.41 compared to the prior year of $61,834.10.
The board approved the following expenses totaling $260,004.66:
General Fund, $58,028.87; Special Law Enforcement, $470; Juvenile Justice, $2,959.53; Appraisal, $165.04; Noxious Weed, $768.80; Solid Waste, $18,233.72; Employee Benefits, $214.17; Road & Bridge, $173,126.03; Juvenile Reinvestment, $54.66; Community Corrections, $720.95; County Health, $4,842.16; Election, $33.94; County Tourism & Convention, $360.79; Vending Machines, $26.


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