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A Closer Walk

Recently we were able to watch the movie "Secretariat" on television. Put out by Disney in 2010, it is an uplifting and heart warming story that can be watched with grandchildren. The movie is about the Thoroughbred race horse Secretariat and his path to winning the Triple Crown in 1973. Winning the Triple Crown is a remarkable accomplishment in itself. But the way Secretariat won the races, especially the last one, the Belmont Stakes, sealed a place in history for Secretariat. This race is one and one half miles, the longest of the three (the Kentucky Derby is a mile and a quarter, the Preakness Stakes a mile and three sixteenths). Spoiler Alert: Secretariat won the Belmont by thirty one lengths! Thirty one lengths. In the Kentucky Derby each quarter mile he ran was faster than the one before. He was building speed as he ran. The fifth and last quarter mile was his fastest. Humans and horses don't usually run like that.
The movie demonstrates perseverance through adversity. Humility when it would be easy to be arrogant. And continuing to put one foot in front of the other every day, no matter what life, or the world, throws at you. In the end victory was achieved. That is a pretty good description of the Christian life, isn't it? We, like the characters in the movie, don't always have smooth sailing. Even though we are walking the path our Lord desires us to be on, we may encounter roadblocks, hardships, and trials. Occasionally, we may even experience tribulation as well.
Yet we find in of the Book of Hebrews, "...for He Himself has said, 'I will never desert you, nor will I ever forsake you'," Hebrews 13:5 NASB. Our Lord and our God Himself promises that He will never desert us. He also promises that He will never forsake us. Each statement by itself is remarkable. But, put the two statements together and we have a firm assurance of our Lord's presence with us everywhere, at all times, through every adversity, every trial, and every other experience as well (even those we may consider good or pleasant).
Our God and Father has promised His presence. Through thick and thin, through hard times, and good times, He has promised that He will never desert us, nor will He ever forsake us. How comforting. After telling Joshua, the successor to Moses, “...”I will not fail you or forsake you,” Joshua 1:5 NASB, God says this to Joshua, “Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous! Do not tremble or be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go,” Joshua 1:9 NASB.
“What then shall we say to these things? If God is for us, who is against us?” “But in all these things we overwhelming conquer through Him who loved us,” Romans 8:31 and 8:37 NASB. Victory is ours! No matter the hardship, the trial, or the affliction, victory will be ours.
Oh victory in Jesus, my Savior, forever. He sought me and bought me with His redeeming love. He loved me ere I knew Him, and all my love is due Him, He plunged me to victory, beneath the cleansing flood. Words and music by E. M. Bartlett 1885-1941.


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