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Letter to the Editor 2-11-21

Dear editor,
I just returned home from getting my first Moderna vaccine for COVID-19. I am so glad that I live in Concordia/Cloud County. I called on the phone to get on the list at the Cloud County Health Dept. after the information was printed in this newspaper.
I waited my turn, they called me to make an appointment. I showed up at the Health Department, read the information about the vaccine, signed a short questionnaire, got my shot, waited 15 minutes to make sure I had no reaction, received a card with my appointment for the second shot and I was out of there.
No drama, no fuss, no long lines of thousands, no waiting for hours in my car. It was so easy.
Please call the Cloud County Health Department and get on the list. 785-243-8140. Tell them I sent you. The more people who get vaccinated the safer we will all be.
Thanks Cloud County Health Dept.!
Nancy Collins


Concordia Blade-Empire

510 Washington St.
Concordia, KS 66901